Decentralized Lending Protocol
Maximise your profit from TON. Earn passive income from providing liquidity and leverage your portfolio by borrowing more assets.
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Make the most of your TON
Tonpound supports pTON — the unique staking solution providing $TON holders with extra liquidity on Ethereum network. Wrap your $TON to $pTON.
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Stake your TON on to start earning node rewards.
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Stake TON
Stake TON
Stake & Wrap your TON to pTON or stTON to your wallet on Ethereum network and get +5.3% APR
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Supply & Borrow
Supply & Borrow
Supply your pTON to Tonpound for more rewards and use it as collateral for borrow $ETH, $WBTC or stablecoins...
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by community
The Tonpound protocol is managed by its DAO using governance NFTs. DAO members decide the future of the project development and receive benefits such as protocol earnings or liquidator role.
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How it works?
For TON owners
Stake TON to get pTON and earn 6% APR. Skip this step if you are supplying any other asset than TON.
Deposit your assets like pTON or WBTC as collateral to start earning Supply APR.
If needed, borrow other assets against your collateral. Make sure to stay below the liquidation threshold not to lose your funds!
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Questions & Answers
What is Tonpound?
Tonpound is the first lending protocol that connects liquidity on The Open Network and Ethereum blockchain. It enables Toncoin holders to keep their node staking fees and simultaneously use TON as collateral to earn passive income or borrow more assets.
How does Tonpound work?
Tonpound utilizes the well-proven model of lending markets, where users can either supply or borrow a crypto asset. Suppliers earn passive income from providing liquidity while borrowers have to pay interest but get access to additional assets. The greater the demand for an asset is, the higher APR suppliers and borrowers get (and vice versa).
Which assets and blockchains are supported?
At the launch, Tonpound will support the following markets on Ethereum network: TON (pTON), WBTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI. The development to support more assets and blockchains can be added through community voting.
How is Tonpound governed?
Tonpound will be managed by its DAO using governance NFTs (gNFT). Depending on the gNFT type, DAO members will receive certain voting power and various benefits. To obtain a gNFT, users will have to earn and burn TPI (Tonpound Participation Index) - an ERC-20 token which will be distributed for active participation in the Tonpound community.